The Solution

Case study video.

User Flows

I worked on user flows for the many processes within the site. These included registration, creating a profile, uploading images and creating collections.

Concept Sketches

User flow - registering for a stylist profile.


Concept Sketches

Wireframe - stylist profile admin.

Concept Sketches

Wireframe - upload process.

Moving to Responsive

Once the site had been launched, I produced designs to make the site responsive. This also gave us the opportunity to optimise aspects of the site based on the post-launch analytics.

screen name

Wireframe - product page (mobile).

Wireframe - basket page (mobile).

Wireframe – stylist profile page (mobile).

Finished Desktop Designs

Peter Jupp, Chris Williams and Simone Cucchi produced the visual designs for the site.

Concept Sketches

Ghd feed page – final visual design.

Concept Sketches

Shop hub page – final visual design.

Finished Mobile Designs

Muriel Bougherdani produced visual designs for the responsive version of the site.

Remaining allowance animation

Profile page – final visual design.

Remaining allowance animation

Stylist post page – final visual design.

Remaining allowance animation

Product category page – final visual design.