The Solution

Case study video.


At the beginning of the project I worked on various ideas for how loyalty might be rewarded and the mechanics behind these ideas. I visualised these ideas with sketches.

Concept Sketches

Initial concept sketch.

Sketching the User Experience

Once a concept had been settled on I sketched out the interfaces. The solution would be responsive and so I started sketching mobile first. Pasting the sketches on a window allowed me to change the architecture and iterate the designs very quickly.

Concept Sketches

Sketches for the new experience.


I also produced a wireframe specification to document the various states and flows that were not part of the core journeys.

Concept Sketches

Wireframe flows – gaining points and badges.


I took a prototype-led approach to the design. I produced high fidelity Axure prototypes for the core user journeys.

Prototype – first time use.

Prototype – purchasing a product to become a King.

Finished Designs

Peter Jupp and Simone Maletta produced the visual designs for the site.

Remaining allowance animation

Profile page – final visual design.

Remaining allowance animation

Feed page – final visual design.

Remaining allowance animation

Leaderboard page – final visual design.

Concept Sketches

Modules for the feed page.